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Fragen und Antworten_Illu_Maus mit Schriftzug Häufige Fragen
Fragen und Antworten_Illu_Maus mit Schriftzug Häufige Fragen

Here you will find all the important questions for your day in Ravensburger Spieleland

Would you like to give us feedback on your visit to Ravensburger Spieleland? We are open to praise and criticism. We have already put together the most frequently asked questions for you below. Should you want to give us further feedback, please feel free to contact us by email at


The Ravensburger Spieleland is based on the basic idea that children have fun with their parents. Therefore, most of the attractions are designed so that they can be used by younger and older family members at the same time. Around 80% of the attractions in the Spieleland are also accessible to adults. Especially alpine rafting, the BRIO water police, the BRIO metro and the 4-D action cinema are attractions for the older ones.
The concept of Ravensburger Spieleland is particularly suitable for families with children between the ages of 2 and 12. Nevertheless, more than half of our attractions can also be used without age restriction when accompanied by parents. Attractions that are only open to children of a comparatively high age (e.g., 6 years) are the exception rather than the rule.
All of our attractions are checked annually by the TÜV and regularly maintained during the season. Our in-house team of technicians and the animation staff also keep a daily eye on their condition. If a technical defect should nevertheless occur, it is usually repaired on the same day. We apologize if an attraction has been canceled for a while.
On warm summer days, sometimes it can't be breezy enough! Nevertheless, for safety and hygiene reasons, shoes and appropriate clothing must be worn at our attractions. Afterwards, however, you can refresh yourself in swimming trunks and swimsuits in the water forest or at the water jumps!


Every season, all of our employees receive extensive training in dealing with children and families. In addition, current topics are discussed in daily discussions before the park opens. Our visitors are generally very satisfied with the Spieleland team and gave it top marks for its friendliness in several surveys. If one of our employees has not reacted appropriately, we apologize for it.


In the past, especially with larger dogs, it happened that some visitors were afraid of the animals and incidents occurred. Therefore, dogs are now no longer allowed in the park. However, it is possible to use day care at the animal shelter in Friedrichshafen. Please note that this is only possible outside of Sundays and holidays. We ask you not to leave your dogs unattended in the car during a visit to the Spieleland.

Animal shelter Friedrichshafen
Allmannsweiler Straße 224
88046 Friedrichshafen
Mrs. Philipp
Phone: +49 (0) 7541 - 6311

An exception applies for medically necessary dogs (guide dogs, therapy dogs for anxiety disorders/autism, diabetic warning dogs, FAS assistance dogs and school dogs) upon presentation of proof. If medical dogs are necessary, they must be registered at our Visitor Service at +49 (0) 7542 - 400 0 two working days before the visit.

Prices and fees

Our admission prices are on a level with comparable amusement parks and are in some cases even lower. We also have many promotions that offer reduced or even free admission, for example for birthday children, large families or senior citizens. Children under three years do not pay admission. The hands-on concept of Spieleland is aimed at families with children between the ages of 2 and 12, and even 3-year-olds can use over 40 attractions together with their parents. From the third birthday, therefore, the normal children's admission price is due.


The food and drink prices at Ravensburger Spieleland are within reasonable ranges and are often even favorable compared to other amusement parks. Additional savings can be made through special offers such as children's menus.

Parking space

Parking lot fees are common in almost all recreational facilities. The parking lot of Ravensburger Spieleland must also be maintained. The amount of our parking fee is oriented to the rates of other amusement parks and is in part significantly lower.


According to the development plan, paths in Ravensburger Spieleland must not be sealed across the board, for example paved. In order to take this requirement and an ecological construction into account, our paths are provided with a gravel cover.


Our park is open even in rainy weather. We reserve the right to close the park only due to extreme weather conditions (e.g. very strong thunderstorm, storm, very heavy snowfall). We are also happy to provide you with information at short notice on +49 (0) 7542 - 400 0. In heavy rain, the BRIO "Metro" bob run runs at half speed. We only have to completely shut down two attractions (BRIO "Surfer" swind boat and fun slide). If thunder and lightning occur, all water attractions must be closed for safety reasons. Operation will then resume a short time later. All rides are outdoors, some with and without a canopy. Of course, our employees ensure that the attractions are cleared of rainwater. You are also welcome to pass the time indoors with a game of Kakerlakak, puzzles or a Ravensburger book in our games gallery.

Luggage and lost property

The Spieleland has some lockers in the entrance area. There are small lockers that are sufficient for backpacks, medium lockers in which suitcases can be stowed and large lockers that are suitable for groups or perambulator, for example. These can be rented for a fee all day.
Have you lost something in Ravensburger Spieleland? Whether it's a pacifier, a toy or a jacket, we will try to find your lost items as quickly as possible. Simply fill out the lost property form with the most important information and we will get back to you.

Children alone in the park

Are your children between 10 and 14 years old and want to go out with their friends alone?
No problem, please just note the following:

Fill in the declaration of exemption from liability for your child (ren), sign it and hand it in together with a copy of the legal guardian's ID to the info in the Spieleland. The declaration is stored there and is also valid for further visits by your children in the current season.

You will receive the form "Exemption from liability" on your first visit at the information to fill out.

Guests with disabilities

In order to make your trip as pleasant as possible, we have summarized all the important information below.

Parking spaces for our guests with disabilities and their accompanying person are located directly at the entrance

Entrance fees
Wheelchair users, as well as blind people, get free admission to the Spieleland.
Upon presentation of the disability card, Spieleland offers specially reduced admission prices for guests with disabilities. If the disabled person's ID card states that an accompanying person is required, the reduced admission also applies to the accompanying person

Scooter rental
In the entrance area you have the opportunity to rent an electric vehicle at a price of € 20 per day. Please contact the info for this.

Wheelchair Rental
Do you need a wheelchair in the short term because e.g. yours is defective? We would be happy to lend you a wheelchair free of charge. Please contact the info for this.

You can find all other important information about paths, toilets, shops, restaurants and attractions in the information for our wheelchair .
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