Gastronomie_Bild_Familie im Feriendorf-Restaurant beim Essen
Gastronomie_Bild_Familie im Feriendorf-Restaurant beim Essen
Gastronomie_Bild_Familie im Feriendorf-Restaurant beim Essen

Local, fresh, healthy: The restaurants at Ravensburger Spieleland

Even the greatest adventurer needs a break every now and then. What better place to regain lost energy than in one of our restaurants?
This is the place to find lots of different meals, delicious ice cream, refreshing drinks and slow down to get your breath back.

Spieleland Restaurant

Come on in and discover your favourite dishes served up in family size portions or single plates. Take a seat and enjoy the following freshly cooked regional family dishes:
  • Lotti Karotti family skillet (mixed vegetables and spätzle noodles)
  • Plitsch Platsch Pinguin family platter (fish nuggets with parsley potatoes/French fries)
  • Billy Biber family skillet (Penne pasta with tomato sauce/Penne Bolognese)
  • BRIO family skillet (Swedish Köttbullar meatballs in cream sauce served with boiled potatoes/French fries and cranberries)

Tips from our kitchen:
  • A delicious side salad is the ideal co-star to our family platter
  • There are muffins and doughnuts galore for those with a sweet tooth!

Lakeside Restaurant

Take a break from all the fun and relax: on the terrace overlooking the Spieleland lake, we will spoil you this year with some delightful vegetarian and vegan dishes. Don’t miss the opportunity to round off your break with a delicious cup of renowned Dallmayr coffee.

The following tasty treats are also available in abundance:
  • Falafel box with sweet potato fries or salad & dip
  • Vegetarian meatball box with sweet potato fries or salad & dip
  • Wide selection of dips

Kids menus
Every box we offer is also available as a Kids Box! We also have sweet potato fries with vegan nuggets

Tips from our kitchen:
  • Get a healthy "Freezing Good" dessert from our ice cream treasure chest

Restaurant Green Oasis

Nobody will be disappointed in the Green Oasis - everything tastes just great! From regional spätzle dishes to schnitzels and salads, there's something for everyone. And when the sun’s out, there’s nowhere better than the beer garden in front of the animal carousel or the tractor ride.

Here are some more tasty treats to look forward to:
  • Allgäu style cheese spätzle with fried onions
  • Swabian cabbage noodles
  • Swabian fried potato noodles with cinnamon/sugar & apple puree
  • Salad box with fried vegetarian ravioli
  • Viennese style schnitzel with French fries/ spätzle
  • Curried pork sausage with French fries

Kiddies menus
There are also delicious menus available in the Green Oasis for our smallest guests, with a little Ravensburger surprise to go with them!
  • Kiddies fried potato noodles (sweet/salty)
  • Allgäu style cheese spätzle
  • Kiddies schnitzel with French fries/ spätzle
  • Chicken nuggets with chips

Other food and snack stalls

Besides the three large restaurants, there are also numerous food stalls around the park for you to enjoy a small snack between meals. Please note that opening hours may vary depending on the number of guests in the park.

You’ll find a wide range of tasty treats at the following stalls:
  • Future Snack: delicious hot dogs, cold drinks and ice cream.
  • Grill: tasty meals "to go", such as the Spieleland grilled pork sausage and a grilled vegetarian sausage.
  • Mountain Hut: this the place for soft drinks, ice cream or coffee to go with whatever snacks you have brought with you.
  • Ice cream and crêpes stand: super tasty crêpes to suit everyone’s taste and lots of delicious ice cream.
  • BRIO Café: wide range of specialty coffees, ice cream, soft drinks and cake.
  • Ravensburger Bookshop & Café: young or old, this is the perfect place to take a breather with the finest fruity-fresh and creamy cakes, a selection of specialty coffees and lots of books galore.

N.B.: Ravensburger Spieleland has a dynamic opening system. This means that the more guests there are in the park, the more catering units are open and the opening hours of the outdoor stalls may vary accordingly.

Tip: Gluten and lactose free dishes

Allergy sufferers will find delicious lactose-free and gluten-free dishes in the three main restaurants, such as the Spieleland Restaurant, the Lakeside Restaurant and the Restaurant Green Oasis. The preparation time is about 10-15 minutes.

Regional, fresh and healthy dishes are very important to us at Ravensburger Spieleland.
Our ‘Taste the South’ seal also emphasises this. These dishes are all marked with the Lion.
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