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Bus groups

Are you planning a bus trip to Ravensburger Spieleland with a larger group?
We have great offers especially for bus groups planning a group trip to the Ravensburger Spieleland.

Our group admission offer

  • From 15 persons
  • 30.50 € per person
  • One accompanying person per 15 paying guests
  • Free entry for bus driver
  • Free parking space for bus
  • 12 € food allowance for bus driver
  • Attractive welcome package for bus drivers
  • Registration at least one working day in advance

Our group shopping offer

Shopping fun for all game and puzzle fans! In the Ravensburger Bargain Shop you can find Ravensburger products at greatly reduced prices! Game enthusiasts, puzzle fans and avid readers can discover the current Ravensburger selection in the Ravensburger Store, the Village Store or in the Ravensburger world of books.

With the shopping group offer, bus groups can enter Ravensburger Spieleland free of charge and browse in all Spieleland stores for over an hour.

  • Free admission for 1.5 hours of shopping
  • Free parking space for bus
  • 12 € food allowance voucher for bus driver
  • Only after registering two working days in advance
  • Only valid for adults groups

We are looking forward to your registration!

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