Adventure, game & action for the whole family

Experience unforgettable moments with over 70 attractions in eight theme worlds. There is a suitable attraction for every age!
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GraviTrax Roller Coaster
"Hier kommt die Maus!" Freefall Tower
Move Smart! with Felix Neureuther
The Hippo in the Whirlpool
Ravensburger Adventure Pavillions
"Bugs in the Kitchen" Giant Swing
Käpt'n Blaubär Meeting Point
Log Jam Alpine Rafting
"Water Police" Water Splash
Driving School of the ADAC Foundation
Tractor Tour
OMIRA Dairy Barn
“Wild Chicken Coup” Softplay Area
"Surfer" Swing Boat
“On the Farm” Farmyard
Inclusion Playground
"Metro" Bob Run
Maus Studio – Meet the Maus
"Mole in the Hole" Activity World
BRIO Construction Site
Panorama Tower
Bosch Car Service Wheel Change Competition
Firefighters Game
Pony Trail
Käpt'n Blaubärs Adventure Boat-Ride
Snail’s Pace Race
Alpine Gorge
Swabian Railway
Quacking Duck Race
Animal Merry-Go-Round
Käpt'n Blaubärs Pedal Boats
Bumblebee Merry-Go-Round
Water Jumps
BRIO Playground
Fun Slide
Käpt'n Blaubärs Fun Boats
Bosch Car Service Mini-Garage
Cat & Mouse Softball Shoot
Pan for Gold
4D Action Cinema
Balancing and Climbing Trail with the Elefant
Bouncy Bounce
Käpt'n Blaubärs Adventure Playground
Woodland Stage
Kiki Ricky Race
Basketball with the Maus
Mini Bouncy Bounce
Shower Tunnel
Event Area
Adventure Camp with Mountain Climb
Hein Blöds Shower Bay
Football Arena with Football Court
EnBW Water Playground
Take it Mice and Easy on the Sun Lawn!
Hein Blöds Barefoot Path
Great Games
Circus School
Kids Climbing Wall
Plaza – Take a Break
Magic School
Ravensburger Puzzle-Tent & Annual Raffle Price Draw