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Leisure Park and Parking regulations Ravensburger Spieleland

Dear visitor,

we, Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion GmbH as the operator of Ravensburger Spieleland (hereinafter referred to as "we" or "Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion") and our employees, are pleased that you are visiting Ravensburger Spieleland. To ensure that your visit to Ravensburger Spieleland is a pleasant and trouble-free experience for all visitors, we have established the following parking regulations, which apply to the entire Ravensburger Spieleland premises (park, parking lots, Holiday Village).

1. admission ticket and domiciliary rights

1.1 Admission to Ravensburger Spieleland is only permitted with a valid admission ticket via the main entrance. Access to Ravensburger Spieleland via the Holiday Village is only available to Holiday Village guests and guests who have rented a mobile home parking space. The admission ticket must be kept during the stay and presented upon request. When leaving the park area, the entrance ticket loses its validity. It is possible to leave the park for a short time by means of a stamp. You can get it at the information desk at the main entrance.

1.2 Season tickets are not transferable.

1.3 Children up to the age of fourteen may only enter the park if accompanied by an adult supervisor. A liability release declaration can be issued for children aged eight to 14. This allows these children to visit the park alone. The form can be found at under the menu item "Service". The responsibility for supervision always lies with the parents or the adult supervisors. They assume liability for any damage caused by the child(ren).

1.4 The commercial resale of admission tickets, vouchers or free tickets to Ravensburger Spieleland is prohibited. Report to the information desk at the main entrance if you wish to return a ticket.

1.5 In the interest of the safety of all park visitors, a park visitor may be denied access to the park or temporarily or permanently expelled from the park for good cause. An important reason is, in particular, if the Park is entered without a valid entrance ticket, in the case of sustained disturbance of order in the Park, in the case of significant offences and gross violation of these Park and Parking Regulations, as well as in the case of violation of instructions given by the staff.

2. General rules

2.1 The area may only be used on the designated paths. Barriers and barriers may not be crossed. Swimming in the lakes on the park premises is prohibited.

2.2 Ravensburger Spieleland is a smoke-free park. Smoking is only permitted at the designated smoking points.

2.3 Dogs and other animals are not allowed. Accompanying dogs for people with disabilities are permitted upon proof.

2.4 Playing music and lighting fires are prohibited.

2.5 For safety and hygiene reasons, shoes and outer clothing must be worn at the attractions.

2.6 The instructions of the Ravensburger Spieleland staff must be followed at all times.

2.7 Bringing and using bicycles, running wheels, pedal scooters, roller skates, inline skates, skateboards and tricycles without handlebars or similar is not permitted.

2.8 You are welcome to use our seating areas for the consumption of food and beverages. The seating areas in front of and inside the catering establishments are reserved for the guests there.

2.9 Please hand in lost property at the information desk at the main entrance.

2.10. The waste containers provided are to be used The polluters are liable for culpably caused damage and soiling in accordance with the legal regulations.

2.11. Actions and/or statements that may cause disparagement to third parties, in particular because of gender, race, skin color, language, religion, political or other views, national or social origin, are not permitted.

2.12. The carrying of weapons, dangerous objects and/or alcohol as well as the consumption of and dealing in illegal drugs is prohibited.

3. Use of the attractions

3.1 For safety reasons and due to the requirements of TÜV Süd, there are age and size restrictions for several attractions. You can find the information on an overview board at the main entrance, in the current park map and on the information signs in front of each attraction.

3.2 For safety and hygiene reasons, shoes and outerwear must be worn when using the attractions. Drunk and intoxicated persons, as well as persons who cannot hold themselves safely, are excluded from using the attractions for safety reasons.

3.3 In front of each attraction you will also find an entrance sign with additional safety regulations that must be observed for that particular attraction. These safety regulations as well as the instructions of the Ravensburger Spieleland employees must be followed at all times. If these safety regulations and/or instructions of the employees are not followed, we cannot allow you to enter the attraction.

3.4 Loose objects, bags and backpacks may not be taken into the attractions. Loose valuables must be stowed safely. Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion assumes no liability for deposited items.

3.5 In the event of force majeure or other circumstances, the removal of which is impossible, the obligation to perform does not apply. In this case, the customer is entitled to the legal claims as a result of the impossibility. This also applies if individual attractions cannot be used temporarily due to maintenance or repair work.

4. Damage reports and limitation of liability

4.1 If you should suffer damage in Ravensburger Spieleland through no fault of your own, please report this damage to the information desk before leaving the park area, if possible. Please also report to the information desk if you have reason to believe that you could possibly suffer damage later due to such an incident.

4.2 Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion, its legal representatives or vicarious agents are liable for damages - regardless of the legal reason - in case of intent and gross negligence according to the legal provisions. In addition, Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion, its legal representatives or vicarious agents are also liable in case of simple negligence for damages resulting from injury to life, body or health and for damages resulting from the breach of an essential contractual obligation. The liability for simple negligence is limited to the amount of the damage foreseeable and typically occurring at the time of the conclusion of the contract in case of violation of essential contractual obligations.

5 Advertising, offering of goods and services, events

Advertising, trade, the offering of goods and services as well as the holding of events, e.g. of a political nature, opinion polls, rallies of interest groups, associations or other organizations are only permitted on the entire grounds of Ravensburger Spieleland with the prior written permission of the park management.

6. Filming and photographing

6.1 Film and photo shoots on behalf of Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion for advertising purposes will be announced by employees at the corresponding attractions or in the park area. Please inform the film team/photographer/staff if you do not wish to be pictured on the recordings and leave the area. Otherwise, Ravensburger Freizeit und Promotion assumes that public use of the recordings is permitted free of charge.

6.2 Own photo and film recordings for exclusively private purposes are permitted.

6.3 Photographs and film recordings for commercial use are only permitted with the written consent of the Ravensburger Spieleland communications department.

7.Security checks

7.1 On the premises of Ravensburger Spieleland, employees are authorized to conduct security checks and to search visitors for the carrying of weapons, dangerous objects, alcohol and drugs. Visitors within the scope of these park regulations consent to Ravensburger Spieleland employees searching clothing and bags/backpacks for such items.

7.2 Ravensburger Spieleland may prohibit visitors who pose a safety risk from entering the premises or expel them from the park. This also applies to visitors who refuse to have their clothing and bags/backpacks searched.

7.3 The employees of Ravensburger Spieleland are authorized to confiscate weapons, dangerous objects, alcohol, drugs, etc.

8. parking lot regulations

The Road Traffic Regulations (StVO) apply in the entire parking lot area.

8.2 Vehicles may only be driven at walking speed.

8.3 Vehicles may only be parked in the designated parking spaces. If a vehicle is not parked properly and obstructs traffic, Ravensburger Spieleland may have the vehicle towed away at the driver's risk and expense. Escape routes and fire department access roads must be kept clear at all times.

8.4 Separately designated parking spaces are available for Holiday Village guests in close proximity to the reception.

8.5 A user fee will be charged for the use of the parking lot. Short-term parkers for drop-off and pick-up will receive a free exit ticket at the information desk at the main entrance.

8.6 The use of the parking lot is at your own risk. No liability is assumed for damage to vehicles by third parties, nor for theft of vehicles or theft of valuables from the vehicle. Please lock your vehicle securely and do not leave any valuables visible.

8.7 Ravensburger Spieleland is liable for damages insofar as they were caused by gross negligence or intent on the part of employees. If possible, please report any damage to the Ravensburger Spieleland information desk before leaving the parking lot.

8.8 The parking lot is not supervised.

8.9 No animals may be left in the vehicle.

8.10. Motor homes may only be parked in the area designated for them. These RV parking spaces are available exclusively to guests with RVs. Overnight RV parking spaces are subject to a fee and can be booked at the main Spieleland entrance outside of the Holiday Village season.

8.11. Fire and loud music are not allowed.

8.12. The instructions of the Ravensburger Spieleland staff must be followed.

Status: May 2019

The operator of Ravensburger Spieleland is:

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