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Driving School of the ADAC Foundation

The Driving School of the ADAC Foundation in Ravensburger Spieleland contributes to greater road safety for children.
Here, children from the age of 6 can get their first own driving licence.The most important rules of behaviour in road traffic are learned in a playful way, which makes children aware of the dangers in road traffic.

In theory lessons, pedagogically qualified staff work together with the children to learn the most important traffic rules and signs and sensitise them to cooperative and considerate behaviour in road traffic. Afterwards, the children put what they have learned into practice on the training course.The highlight here is a change of perspective: in miniature vehicles travelling at around 2km/h, the children experience from the driver's perspective what the most important traffic signs and the most important traffic rules mean. In the process, they are observed and further trained by our staff. If the course is completed without any faults, the children receive a driving licence - issued by Frieda and Felix, the traffic heroes of the ADAC Foundation.