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Reka-Alpine Gorge

A challenge awaits you at the Reka Adventure Camp: Who will dare to cross the Reka Alpine Gorge?
At a height of up to five metres, you will swing, climb and crawl through a 37-metre long, free-floating rope tunnel. The backdrop behind you is also spectacular: Here the torrent roars down the alpine rafting and ends in a big water vortex.

Explorers take note!

Even more adventure at Ravensburger Spieleland!
Across over 4,500 m², explorers can encounter steep climbing walls, long crawling tunnels and an a spooky, trickling gallery. Adventurers gain the best view of the camp atop the seven-meter climbing hill. The Reka Alpine Gorge awaits you here. Refreshments, including a cooling ice cream and tasty snacks are available at the mountain hut in the middle of the Reka Adventure Camp.

The Reka Adventure Camp promises unforgettable moments for all explorers: Experience excitement and fun all related to our neighbouring Switzerland. What exactly is Switzerland‚Äôs secret? Where is the Matterhorn? What does ‚ÄėCh√ľngel‚Äô mean? In this adventure camp you can embark on a discovery tour, learn Schwyzerd√ľtsch or experience a day in the Reka holiday village! Five play boxes with our cooperation partner Reka invite you to linger and discover more.

Reka is the number 1 for family vacations in Switzerland. For parents, too.

Reka Vacations ensures you get more vacation for your money. All offers impress with their unique value for money. Added to this are the countless family-friendly extra services that make Reka holiday packages stand out. This way, children as well as adults can enjoy their family vacation even more.

Great childcare services and the diverse family-friendly offers are the priority here: relaxed and eventful vacations for everyone!

Reka Holiday Villages: ideal for parents & kids

The 12 Reka Holiday Villages especially exhibit this sense of family friendliness. They provide the perfect conditions for parents to really relax and kids to have lots of fun. Every compound includes:

  • an indoor or outdoor pool with a paddling pool
  • the Rekalino family programme with free childcare
  • free rental service for baby products
  • communal rooms as well as lots of space to play inside and out
  • Reka hosts on site
Reka offers comfortable holiday flats in all holiday regions in Switzerland: these are ideal to go hiking and swimming in summer or skiing and snowshoeing in winter. There is something for everyone to enjoy!
Familie im Reka-Feriendorf
Mädchen mit Hase im Reka-Feriendorf

The Reka Holiday Villages are designed with different themes:

In Disentis (Grisons) there is a great gold-digger playground, in Berg√ľn (Grisons) a small train chugs around the holiday village, in Wildhaus (eastern Switzerland) children can check out the circus arena and in Urn√§sch (eastern Switzerland) there is a small animal stable.

To further enhance the family experience during the holidays, Reka now also offers ‚Äėadventure backpacks‚Äô for the summer. Guests can choose from eight themes: make a fire without a lighter, paint with an easel, whittle a wooden spoon, make a PET bottle fly like a rocket - and so much more!
Mädchen mit Hase im Reka-Feriendorf