New hits

Neuheiten_Illu_Neuheiten 2019
Neuheiten_Illu_Neuheiten 2019
Neuheiten_Illu_Neuheiten 2019
In the season 2020 you can look forward to prickly driving fun for the whole family, because there is again adventure, play and action.
Look forward to our novelty!

Kakerlakak Riesen-Schaukel

With the children's game Kakerlakak, a further attraction in Ravensburger design is moving in this year.
Look forward to prickly driving fun for the whole family. Take the giant cockroach swing to a height of three meters and experience the popular Ravensburger children's game in XXL. Before you go on an exciting journey, you have to find the right way in the cockroach labyrinth!

Off to the cinema!

Real screen adventures await with the new films "Peter Pan" in the 4 D-Action cinema and "The little prince" in the mouse cinema on you.

Please note that due to the corona pandemic, our cinemas will remain closed for your protection until further notice.

Neuheiten_Illu_neuer Film Peter Pan im 4D-Action Kino
Neuheiten_Illu_neuer Film der kleine Prinz im Mauskino