Make your own favourite chocolate

The colourful SchokoHaus by Ritter Sport - colourful outside, delicious within!

Experience the unique world of chocolate in the colourful SchokoHaus by Ritter Sport. Here you can learn all about the history of the square chocolate bar, discover your favourite chocolate in the shop and even make your own chocolate in the chocolate workshop. A unique and chocolatey dream across three floors!

Chocolate masters wanted!

Chocolate dreams come true in the chocolate workshop inside the colourful SchokoHaus!
Here, chocolate fans learn everything about the process from the cocoa bean to finished chocolate. Afterwards, they can then make their own bespoke chocolate and packaging as they like.
Gummi bears, crispy balls or strawberry chips?
Anything that tastes good is permitted!

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  • The participation fee is 4.50 € per person
  • Children from 3-5 years when accompanied by an adult
  • Participation only possible in connection with a park ticket
  • Children from 6 years may take part alone
  • Children under the age of 3 cannot take part
  • The chocolate workshop takes place several times a day
  • Approx. 60 minute duration
  • Participants receive their chocolates as a sweet souvenir
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    Lots of chocolatey fun awaits young and old chocolate experts here.