TUI fly Kids-Airport

Ready for take-off! Playfully discover the world with the TUI fly Airport

The TUI fly plane just for kids has landed at the Future World theme area. There are lots of options: climb in, for example, or jump up and down the stairs. Even dangling along the wings is permitted. From there, you can really admire the plane from all angles. You will feel like a real pilot in the cockpit.
There’s even something on offer for our smallest guests: Rocking planes are waiting to be tried out, while parents can take a break and relax in a nice shady spot.

Playfully discover the world

At the TUI fly Kids Airport, you can discover a great big game which is all about: ‘On a big journey with TUI fly’! Find out which destinations you can discover with TUI fly and all the things you can experience and see there!
How about a flying race: whoever makes it to the Pyramids or toucan first? Perhaps you’ll even discover your new travel destination for your next family holiday? You never know!